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December 13, 2012
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It was a rainy Saturday afternoon. Normally Simon would have called some friends over to play on his PlayStation, but today this wouldn’t happen. His parents didn’t allow anyone to come over, because he had gotten a bad grade in the math-test a few days ago. Simon sighed. ‘I know that I just had a bad day… I mean, this can happen to everybody… Or not? Oh damn, why are my parents so complicated…’

After studying for his next test, which he had finished very fast, since he’s actually a very good student, he sneaked out of his room. His parents were watching a TV show, so there was no possibility that they’d come upstairs and check onto him. Still, it was impossible for him to go outside or call his friends, since they’d notice that sooner or later.

Instead he climbed up into the attic. Simon liked to rummage around up there, even though his parents had prohibited it, since it was ‘Too dangerous’ or so. When he had closed the trapdoor behind him, he took out some cookies from his secret hiding place and started eating them. After he had finished he proceeded to search for interesting things.

Today he was looking through an old, Japanese style, cupboard. He had always wondered what stuff his parents had been hiding in it, but since all the drawers were locked, he never had any chance to search it. Until now. A few days ago, when he’d been up here the last time, he had found a small box full of old keys.

Now he wanted to test, if any of these keys fit the old cupboard-drawers. After trying nearly all of the keys he noticed a rusty, very, very old looking key. He put it into the first lock and tried to turn it and…

It worked! The drawer was unlocked! He tried the other five drawers too and the key unlocked all of them. Simon started looking them through. After looking through all the drawers, he was slightly disappointed. They only contained various sets of clothes, of old Japanese style. Mostly kimonos and a few clothes that showed very, very much skin. Simon wondered why somebody would keep such old clothes in a cupboard. He also found it strange that all the clothes looked just as if they were crafted yesterday. None of them showed any sign of destruction through time or insects. Not even dust had gathered on them.

All clothes were fit for a young woman of about 18 to 20 years. Simon wanted to know, why the clothes remained unscathed by time, so he sorted them into three piles onto the floor. One pile was for Kimonos, which were the most common item of clothing, found in the cupboard. The next pile contained a strange set of clothes, which were all relatively small and must have shown a lot of skin. Simon wondered why any woman would wear them… But it was the third pile of clothes that puzzled him the most.

All clothes on that pile were knee long Kimonos, with one difference to the other Kimonos found in the cupboard. Not a single one of them had sleeves and they were all cut at both sides, from the hips downward. As if the woman wearing them didn’t want to have her movement impeded.

Simon had no idea what to think of what he found. ‘Strange that time didn’t touch them…’ he thought by himself. ‘Maybe I overlooked something in the drawers.’ He turned around and began searching them for anything unusual. ‘Hey, what’s this?’

He reached into the top drawer and pulled on a loose string, which had been dangling there. “Ouch!” he yelled and quickly covered his mouth, as to not to alarm his parents. ‘What the fuck hit me?’ He looked down and gasped in surprise. From below the bottom drawer, a secret seventh drawer had emerged and hit his shin. But, in contrast to the other six drawers, it didn’t contain any clothes, but a large wooden chest, about 7 to 11 inches high and about 3 foot long. Simon took the chest out of the drawer and put it on the ground next to him. He tried to open it and to his surprise it opened without any resistance.

The chest held nothing, but a long katana in a sheath. The sheath was beautifully ornamented with stylized branches of a cherry tree. ‘Wow, this is beautiful.’ Simon thought.

He took the sheath out of the chest and carefully slid the katana from it. “Ouch” he yelled again and put his thumb into his mouth. ‘Damn, I should be more careful. This thing is sharp as hell.’

Suddenly he noticed how late it is. ‘Crap! The Show they are watching is about to end. I should go back into my room.’ He put the katana back into the chest, the chest into the secret drawer and closed it. Then he went back downstairs, to pretend that he’d been working and studying all the time. Luckily enough his parents believed him.

After dinner Simon had to go to bed. After all, he was just ten years old and his parents wanted him to be in bed at 8pm. Simon was really tired, or at least pretended to be, because of all the studying he had done the whole day long. His parents went out to a movie together. Of course they had organized him a babysitter, more precisely, the old Lady from next door, Mrs. Coopers. His parents thought Simon and Mrs. Coopers got along with each other quite well. But actually Simon hated Mrs. Coopers. As long as his parents were around she was always nice to him, but as soon as they were gone she was very mean to him. She forced him to clean her house or to do the work she was too lazy to do. And if Simon tried to tell his parents they laughed at him and told him that Mrs. Coopers was a very nice Lady and that he was being unfair, saying such things about her.

So, when Mrs. Coopers came he pretended to be asleep already. She fell for his trick and went downstairs to watch TV. After she had gone, Simon got up from his bed and climbed into the attic again. He did not know why, but somehow he felt the need to see the katana again. Just feel it in his hands one more time… ‘Damn, where does this desire come from?’ he kept asking himself.

Unnoticed by Simon, something was happening to him. Black goo was spreading from the wound on his thumb. Slowly it began to form a mark on his hand. The mark showed a spiral, with eight triangles around it, arranged in a regular pattern.

Simon had reached the cupboard and opened the secret drawer, this time carefully, as to not hurt him again. He put the chest in front of the cupboard and opened it. As soon as he saw the katana he felt the need to take it into his hands, so he retrieved it from the chest and slid it from its sheath.

When he looked at the katana in his hand, he noticed a symbol on it. At the end of the hilt a small spiral was engraved, surrounded by eight triangles. Then, suddenly, something stirred inside of him. He dumped the piles of clothes, which he had sorted out earlier the day, creating a free space in the middle of the room. Then he slashed through the air with the katana. ‘Huh? That… That felt strange… As- As if I’ve done this before…’ he thought.

Slowly, very slowly a memory crept out of the deepest deeps of his mind. Actually it wasn’t his memory, but the swords. Somehow he remembered how to use the katana, although he had never used a real sword before. Lead by the memories of the sword he began to use basic moves of sword fighting. Soon he began to interweave these basic moves to a complex pattern, a true dance of death.

Simon had sunken into a trance-like state. After a few minutes his mark and the katana started to glow in a deep blue color, much like the color of the sky in the night. With every stroke he made the sword tore a rift into reality, and after a short time Simon was completely surrounded by rifts.

The rifts had a life of their own. They began to expand themselves and encaged Simon in a dark blue bubble. The boy didn’t notice anything, because he was still in his trance.

Now something else began to happen. Simon started to grow. He grew from about 3’11’’ to 5’5’’ losing the little bit of body hair, he already had, in the process. After the growth his skin was very smooth and soft. Simon felt a little different than before, by now, but still he couldn’t or rather didn’t want to break out of his trance.

Next his hair started to lengthen, until it reached below his shoulders. It also changed color, from blonde to a very dark blue and styled itself into a small ponytail, held in place by a black leather thong. His features shifted, to better match his new body. They got more feminine and lost everything that reminded of a child. Now he had the face of a 19 years old girl.

Suddenly: “Ouch” with a small stab of pain his manhood had retracted into his body and this had caused Simon to snap back into reality. He noticed immediately that his body had changed. Just when he was looking down at himself, something began pushing out her already tight shirt. She stared in horror and amazement, as her breasts pushed out to solid C-cups. Reaching to experience how they feel, she felt a wave of heat radiate from them, which caused her to blush.

As she was occupied with her new body, the dark blue bubble began to fade, revealing a small clearing, surrounded by large trees. Soon the girl began to notice, how small her clothes had gotten. Then she saw one of the Kimonos lying on the ground. It was nearly completely black, with just the hint of blue. It was one of those Kimonos that were cut from the hips downward. Thinking that it would be a lot more comfortable than the small clothes she wore at the moment, she removed the small clothes and put on the Kimono. What she didn’t notice was that the clothes she had removed disintegrated in a wisp of blue smoke.

The girl sat on the clearing, for quite some time, trying to figure out what exactly had happened. She knew that this actually wasn’t her body, but at the same time she knew that it belonged to her. One name always cruised through her thoughts: Simon. She knew that the name was important, but she couldn’t figure out why…

“Shina? Are you there?” A voice called from the forest and after a brief delay a girl in a long blue Kimono appears out of the thicket and smiles. “I knew I’d find you here.” She sits down next to Shina. “Hey, are you alright? You are so quiet… Ah, I know, your mission.” She sits quietly next to Shina for a while.

‘Who is this?’ The other girl thought. ‘I think I should know her, but I can’t remember the name… And what for a mission is she talking about?’ Suddenly Shina feels a pressure in her head, as a lifetime of memories floods through her brain.

<Flash> A small village, burning. A group of horsemen, slaughtering everyone who tries to run. A woman hiding her two daughters in a secret hideout, behind some barrels. Fear is written all over their faces, as the mother whispers goodbye.

<Flash> The same village, after the horsemen left and the fires have stopped. The smaller girl runs ahead. “Mama!” she screams over and over again. The older girl cannot be seen.

‘No, I am the older girl. These are my memories.’

<Flash> Another group of horsemen. The girls are hiding again, but this time the horsemen aren’t burning houses. They wear other colors too. After a while the two girls are found, crouching behind a few chests. They are taken to a campfire and given something to eat. Later the group rides on, and takes the two girls with them.

<Flash> A small village with a castle in the mountains. The group is greeted warmly and the two girls are given a room in one of the houses.

<Flash> Shina snaps out of her dreaming. “Akira…” She whispers.

The other girl didn’t hear her. “Soo… Do you think you are ready for this?” she turns to Shina and sees her sad face. “You sure everything is alright?” Shina raises her head and looks into her sisters eyes. “Yes. Everything is fine. Soon Uesugi will pay for what he has done. I will avenge our parents, Akira. And then they can rest in peace.” Shina said, with tears flowing down her cheeks, as she remembers that dreadful day. Akira hugs her bigger sister. “I know.” She whispers.

After a short silence Akira reaches into her pocket. “I thought you might need this.” She hands her sister a small, soft leather stripe. “Use it to cover up the mark. That way nobody will notice it.” Shina stares at the small piece of leather. Then she looks at her hand, which bears the mark of the sword. She remembers the events that led to her acquiring the mark…


Shina was carrying a load of used plates to the kitchen. When she crossed the courtyard, she heard muffled cries. “Leave me alone!” ‘Akira’ was her first thought. Since they had lost their parents they had grown very close to each other. Shina looked around and saw two boys, who had driven Akira into a corner. Her eyes narrowed. ‘I know them. They are new here, but they were chosen as Ninja-students. There is no way I could save Akira from them…’ Shina closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them again, they were glowing with determination. ‘Nonetheless I will save you Akira. You’re the only thing that’s left in my life…’

“Hey!” Shina shouted. “Leave my sister alone!” The two boys turned around. “And why should we do that? Do you really think you can stop us?” The boys laughed. Completely mad with the wish of protecting her sister, Shina picked up two plates and throws them at the boys.

“Ouch!” ‘Wha-What? I knocked one of them out so easily?’ Shina asked herself a little shocked. A wide grin spread on her face. She took another two plates and called: ”If you don’t go away and leave me and my sister alone I’ll knock you out too.”

“Oh yeah. Of course. As if you could hit me.” The boy taunted her. When Shina threw the plates at him he easily dodged them and advanced on her. He tried to hit her with punches and kicks, but it seemed like she was able to evade all of his attacks. Until: “Uff!”

One of his attacks had hit her in the stomach and caused her to double over in pain. With a kick the boy sent her sprawling backwards. “Did you really think you could take me on, bitch?” he said. He was about to smash his fist into her face, when suddenly Shina threw a handful of sand into his face. “Argh! My eyes!” He cried. Shina completely ignored him and ran to Akira, who sat crying at the spot where she’d been cornered. “It’s Ok, sis. You’re safe now. Come, let’s go.” Shina led her sister away from the courtyard.

Later that day Shina was called before the leaders of the clan. At first she thought she was going to be punished for daring to attack the clan’s students. To her surprise quite the opposite was the fact actually. From now on she would take part in the kunoichi. She would train to become a spy and, if the need should arise, an assassin. Essentially she received the same training as the males, training to become ninjas, with the only difference being, that her mission-objectives would be more spying and less killing.

After a few weeks of training, Shina and her three co-students were brought into the armory, in order to find a weapon for them. At the beginning they were shown the katana of the clan’s founder Shigeru. It stood in a small shrine in the front of the armory.

Then something strange happened. While the four girls were kneeling in front of it, the katana somehow fell onto the ground, right in front of Shina. Without further thinking she picked it up. She flinched. ‘Ouch! What the hell cut me? The katana is still in its sheath, so it can’t be that…’ Suddenly she felt another pang of pain, followed by a gasp of surprise from the other girls.

She looked down at herself and gasped as well. She was engulfed in dark blue flames, which seemed to originate from the sword. At the same time a mark was forming on her hand, the same mark as on the katana. Slowly the flames began to grow smaller. And with them the katana. It also straightened a little. After those changes it was pretty much the ideal weapon for Shina.

When all the flames had died away, Shina got summoned by the clan’s leaders. They told her that she had been chosen to be Shigeru’s successor. Apparently his katana chooses a successor, should a time of need arise. Considering that the country was in a state of total chaos, because of Uesugi, it wasn’t that much of a surprise that someone had been chosen. However everybody was surprised that the katana had chosen a girl.

Since that day Shina trained for her ultimate mission: To kill Uesugi and to restore peace to the country.


Now, seven years later the day had finally come. ‘Today my mission will begin. And either I or Uesugi will die.’
A request from an anonymous deviant, you know who you are^^

The pic's not mine and can be found here: [link]
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