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The small town of Seacliff in the year 2400:

Day 9 after the catastrophe:

Rumor goes through the internet that aliens have arrived on earth. Supposedly it all started with a meteorite crashing into a beach on an island.

What's more, people whisper about a shadowy organization having taken camp on said island. An organization pretty similar to Area 51, conducting various top secret experiments, including human experiments.

Apparently, after securing the meteorite, they had locked the discoverer of it into a chamber, together with his discovery.

Bits of information had leaked out over the net: The stone in the chamber had been glowing in a warm green light, which seemed to welcome the man.

But tests had shown that it was far more dangerous than the naked eye could see: It was highly toxic and the green glow was actually a sign of extreme radioactive pollution.

About what exactly happened to the man, nothing is known. The information leaks contradict each other in this point: Some sources claimed that he was killed by the first alien or the radioactive pollution. Others think that he was converted into the first alien.

Whatever happened, the only thing that is sure, is that the meteorite crumbled to dust in the process.


"And I tell you that it is true!"
"Oh come on Sean. Do you really believe this shit?" Mark asked.
"I know the rumors can't be wrong." Sean murmured, causing Jenny to sigh.
"Look Sean, we've discussed this a thousand times already. We all know that you're an alien maniac. We all know that you actually sympathize with them. But for God's sake boy: Enough is enough!" she told him.


Day 12 after the catastrophe:

The strange organization seems to have fallen to the aliens.

At least that's what spy satellites of the government found out. Even though this information was never meant to be known to the public, again it had leaked out.

From all the members of the organization, only very, very few escaped their fate of being converted and most of them paid with their lives for their freedom...

To fight the invasion and to find out if there are survivors, the government sent a battle cruiser and numerous support vessels into the southern ocean.


"I don't know why everybody thinks I'm crazy... I think the rumors are true... the aliens came to change us, yes. But not for the bad... they came to change us, to make us see things in the right light again... they came to make us better beings..."


Day 16 after the catastrophe:

The battle cruiser has fallen to the enemy. Nobody knew what exactly happened. At least not for the next few days. Then a short video clip appeared on the web,, showing the first images of the aliens, the fall of the battle cruiser and even the transformation process.

The strangest thing was that the aliens weren't brutal in any way. Their looks alone defied that. They didn't carry guns or weapons of any kind. They didn't have any sharp claws or fangs. In fact, they almost looked like humans.

Except they weren't humans at all. They were felines, also known as nekomimi.

All of them walked on two legs, just like humans. But actually, they weren't human at all. Their faces showed feline eyes and cat ears could be seen poking out through their hair. Additionally long cat tails flailed behind them and their teeth were very sharp and pointy.

Their hair resembled that of a human. It reached at least below the shoulders and could be of any known color. The clip showed the normal brown, blonde, black and red hair, but also pink, green, silver and orange hair.

The process was shocking and intriguing at the same time: All it took was a simple kiss.

Then the affected human would start to change:

First a small necklace with a tiny bell on it would appear around the affected human's neck and no matter what, it wouldn't come off.

From this point on the process of the transformation depended on the gender of the human.

If it was a female, not too much would really change. A long, sleek cat tail would grow out of her back and the woman would lose any unnecessary fat, causing her figure to shift, in order to make her more beautiful.

Next her face would restructure itself: The nose would shrink a little, becoming cuter in the process, and her eyes would shift to that of a cat. Also her teeth would grow pointy.

Her hair would start growing and it would not stop growing until it reached well below the shoulders, sometimes styling itself into a ponytail and most of the times changing color.

Her human ears would vanish, being replaced by two furry triangles that poked out through her hair.

In the last step her clothes would shift into something more appealing to the eye, mostly showing a lot of skin and being very colorful.

With males it was a completely different matter altogether.

First they would shrink, by roughly six to seven inches, losing their body hair in the process. Then their whole features would shift, arms and legs thinning out, waist carving inwards and, to compromise that, their hips and butt would push out. Also their Adam's apple would vanish, raising their voices and creating the nekomimi accent.

Overall, their appearance would quickly become more and more feminine and a cat tail would grow out from their backs.

The next step consisted of two parts: The affected males would freeze in place for a moment, both of the two soldiers shown in the video looking down at or even into their pants, shocked expressions on their faces.

The complete their womanly figures, their chests would begin expanding, ending at solid C-cups in both cases.

While the males were busy with staring at their new bodies, their faces would shift in the same way, as they would with woman, their hair would grow, being parted by two furry cat ears, and probably change color. Also their clothes would shift into something more colorful and revealing.

When the transformation of the three victims in the video was finished, they continued to stare at their new bodies for the space of a few heartbeats.

Then, as if a switch was flipped, their complete behavior synchronized with those of the other nekomimi and they would charge at their former comrades, their faces showing joy and happiness.


"Oh come on! You saw the clip. You know that I told the truth. Why can't you just admit it and believe me for once?"

Jenny shook her head. "Yes, Sean, we have seen it. But I don't think your theory is correct." Mark nodded.

"She's right. I highly doubt that these... these things... really came to transform us into something better. My guess is more that they want to conquer our planet and for that they need soldiers."

"And what would be easier than using captured humans to create those soldiers?" Jenny asked.

"But..." Sean started, only to be interrupted by both Jenny and Mark at once: "Sean stop it!"

"Fine!" Sean shouted back. "Then I'll just go and find out by myself!"

Angrily, he jumped up from his chair, grabbed a bottle of water, an apple and his keys and stormed out of the small apartment.


Day 20 after the catastrophe:

The battle ship that was sent in the southern ocean is not only under enemy control, the nekomimi even found a way to launch themselves onto other ships: Being immune to gunpowder blasts, they could simply climb into the cruiser's cannons and fire them at the support vessels.

Though a lot of them hit the water, after a short time the nekomimi knew how to fire a cannon correctly. And those that had missed other ships simply climbed onto the ships.

It didn't take them long to get the entire fleet under control and to find out how to control such large ships.

After that the fleet split, groups of nekomimi simply choosing one direction and steering that way until they would find a coast where they could spread their so-called gift even more.


Sean walked through the surrounding suburbs and parks, unsure what to do. ‘Why can't they see the truth?' he thought. ‘It's so obvious that the nekomimi came to make us better beings...'

Mumbling to himself, he crossed the market place and found a small hotel to spend the night in.

‘I just can't go back to those... those idiots!'

He went into his room and, sighing, he sat down on the small bed, buried his face in the pillow and started crying.

He cried, because he felt betrayed by his friends; cried, because he felt lonely; simply cried to fill the emptiness inside of him.


Day 23 after the catastrophe:

Seacliff was in turmoil. It's said that a small group of nekomimi found their way to the shore and that it wouldn't take them long to reach the town.

Many people gathered everything they could carry and fled deeper into the country, but even so a lot of stuff was left behind.

It was as if the apocalypse stood on the doorstep, which, in the eyes of many, it did.


Sean's mobile rang. He was sitting in the little room he had rented and stared out of the window.

With a quick glance on the display, he confirmed what he had suspected and sighed. ‘Jenny again... I bet she wants to beg me to come back...'

He switched of the mobile and turned back to the window. ‘I should go outside... I've been sitting here for far too long.'

Getting up from his chair, he grabbed his keys and went downstairs. After paying for his room, he left the hotel.

Outside he froze in place for a moment. Shocked by the chaos that had spread all over the streets. ‘So now everybody went crazy...'

Sean shook his head and walked to the edge of the small town. After crossing the fields, he entered the forest surrounding it.

‘It's so beautiful and quiet here...' taking a deep breath, he smiled, for the first time since a few days.

‘I could stay here forever... It's so much nicer than back in town'

He lay down at the foot of a tree and quickly dozed off to sleep.


Hours later, when the sun was already setting, he awoke again.

Getting up from the ground, Sean blinked a few times, until he could grasp where he was.

Suddenly he heard a branch snap and flinched. Spinning around, he saw a figure walking towards him through the twilight.

"What are nyu doing here? I always thought that nyumans stayed close to their villages-nya."

Sean smiled. It was easy to tell that the figure was a nekomimi. Her ears and tail and, of course, her accent gave her away. When the nekomimi stepped out of the shadows, Sean though: ‘She's pretty...'

The nekomimi studied him for a few moments, which gave him the opportunity to study her in return. She wore a long, sky blue dress and matching high heels. A dark blue ribbon was tied into her pale blue hair.

"Nyu are nyat like other nyumans." She stated after a few seconds.

"In which way?" he asked slightly confused. "And what is your name, little cat?"

The second the words left his throat, he regretted them. ‘Damn it... why did I just say that...'

He was about to apologize, when she suddenly started giggling. "Nyor funny."

With a sigh of relief he thought: ‘Lucky that she isn't offended.'

"My nyame is Winter" The nekomimi said and giggled a little. "I'm happy that nyor nyat shy, like the other nyumans."

A slight smile crept onto Sean's lips. "That might be, because I believe that you and your friends came to make us better beings. Not to enslave humanity."

"Why would we want to do that?" Winter asked slightly puzzled. "We just want to give nyumans their True Souls, so they can be happy-nya!"

Sean nodded and Winter continued: "And nyow it's nyor turn."

Grinning, Sean nodded again. "But first, I'd like to see if you are really as fast as every thinks you are."

He spun around and ran away, yelling: "Catch me, if you can!"

With a happy "NYA!" Winter raced after him.

Sean was actually a very good runner and he thought that he could easily outrun Winter, especially, because she was wearing high heels.

It turned out that he never had been so wrong in his entire life.

Within seconds, Winter had caught up with him and only a dash forward and a roll below a fallen tree saved him...

...for a few seconds.

When he got up from the ground and tried to run further, a shadow fell upon him and, before he could react, Winter crashed into him.

"Got nyu!" Winter giggled, as the two of them rolled over the ground.

"Looks like it." Sean laughed.

A few seconds later, they both lay still, breathing hard.

"I never had... so much fun... in my entire life." Sean panted.

"And it's nyat over nyet." Winter said and, before he could ask what she meant, rolled on top of him and gave him a long kiss directly on his lips.

At first Sean was too surprised to react. Then, gradually, he began to fell weaker and simply accepted it. When Winter finally pulled back and let him go, Sean felt very strange.

On the one hand, he felt so weak, that he couldn't get up from the ground. On the other hand, he felt a strange energy cruising through his system, an energy that was completely different from his own.

"What... what did you do?" he asked weakly.

Winter giggled and pure: "I gave nyu the True Soul nyu deserve-nya."

‘She's probably talking about the conver- Wait, what's that around my neck?'

He reached for his neck and discovered that a satin necklace had formed around it. The problem was that it was way too tight. It was choking him to death!

Sean tried to pull it off, but just in that moment a tiny bell winked into existence and emitted a clean, pure sound.

Entranced by it, Sean didn't notice that his Adam's apple slowly dissolved and vanished, raising his voice by a few octaves. Also, a slightly itching sensation all over his skin would have told him that his body hair had vanished. If he would've paid attention to that.

His neck thinned out a little and now the necklace fit perfectly.

Relieved from the pressure, Sean focused his attention completely on the bell, repeatedly tipping it to prolong the sound.

Just this simple action, tipping a tiny bell and listening to its sounds, created so much happiness inside of him that he started to giggle.

Realizing what he just did and that his voice sounded way too high, he reached for the necklace, wanting to examine it more closely.

But as soon as he touched the bell again, its pure sound washed away all his doubt, leaving behind nothing but joy and happiness.

While he had been occupied with the bell, he had shrunk by about six inches. His arms and legs had thinned out a little, becoming more feminine, though it was pretty obvious to see that strong muscles were hidden beneath the skin.

The rest of his body quickly adapted to the changes: His waist carved inwards, pushing the excess fat further downwards into his expanding hips and butt.

Feeling a slight brush against his back, Sean turned around and squealed in delight, when he saw his new tail. Taking it into both hands, he started to brush it.

The pleasant sensation this gave him, caused him to start giggling again and this time he simply couldn't stop it.

For a second Sean stopped playing with the bell. ‘Something feels strange...' then he shrugged ‘was probably nothing.'

The energy, the True Soul, that Winter had infused him with, had reached the core of his being and had started to radically change him. As a consequence, his manhood had silently slipped away, leading to the momentary uncomfortableness that had distracted him.

It only took a few heartbeats to transform him into her and Sean into Samantha.

A slight pressure began to rise in her chest, growing stronger with every breath that she took. Slowly her chest expanded, forming two small mounds, which eventually grew into solid C-cups.

Samantha looked down at her chest and blushed slightly, gently touching her breasts.

Next her whole face was being restructured: She blinked her eyes furiously for a few heartbeats and when she stopped, they had changed form and color. They had grown a bit larger than before and the color had changed from formerly brown to a bright, glowing green, with a long oval pupil in the middle.

Samantha's teeth grew pointy, becoming more cat like, directly followed by her nose shrinking a little.

Still playing with the tiny bell, she failed to notice that her hair was growing. Not stopping before it reached her waist, it changed color from originally brown to a light greenish blonde. A green satin ribbon tied it into a ponytail.

She felt her long hair brush against her back and, acting purely out of curiosity, she pulled the ponytail over her shoulder in front of her eyes.

For a second she stared at it. Then she realized that it was her hair and smiled.

Then, for the tiniest fraction of a second, her sense of hearing was gone.

Completely gone.

A heartbeat later it returned, only that now Samantha was able to hear much, much more than before. She could hear every small animal in close proximity.

Of course her old ears had vanished, being completely absorbed by her skull. Instead of them, two furry triangles were poking out of her hair on top of her head.

Now that her physical transformation was complete, Samantha's clothes started to change: Her long black coat vanished into thin air, while her hoodie and shirt fused together with her jeans. Slowly they morphed into a long, grass-green dress, which barely covered her knees.

Her underpants transformed into white silken panties and a matching bra, while her leather boots changed into green high heels.

Samantha stared down at her new body, for the first time seeing it in its full glory. Admiring her new curves, she failed to notice that Winter wasn't sitting at her place anymore.

The nekomimi had gotten up from under the tree and silently moved behind Samantha.

Without any warning, she started to pet Samantha behind her ears. At first Samantha flinched, but soon a soft purr escaped her throat. Closing her eyes, she enjoyed the petting session Winter gave her.

When Winter stopped it, Samantha looked up at her friend, a pleading look in her eyes.

"Later, sweetie." Winter said. "First we should make sure to find all nyumans around here and give them their True Souls-nya!"

With a sigh, Samantha nodded. "Nyu are right... let's start at that house over there-nya!" She said, pointing at a small house at the edge of Seacliff, which happened to be the apartment she had shared with Mark and Jenny for the last few years.


"I'm worried about Sean..." Jenny said, causing Mark to sigh.

"You said that a thousand times already. Look Jenny." He turned towards her. "Either Sean has been caught by those cat creatures, or, if he's smart, he's hiding somewhere. Nagging around doesn't help him."

"But..." Jenny started, but was interrupted by the sound of a key turning in the lock of the door.

"I bet that's Sean!" Jenny exclaimed, obviously relieved.

"Finally that idiot found some sense..." Mark muttered to himself.

The door opened, but it wasn't Sean that entered the apartment. It was Samantha and Winter.

"WHAAA!" Jenny yelled and jumped behind the sofa. Mark simply stared at the nekomimi, not quite grasping what was happening.

Immediately Samantha jumped at Mark. He barely had enough time to react and dodge her, crashing to the ground as he did so.

When Mark got up from the ground and tried to run away, she chased after him with a joyful "Nya!"

Jenny was still hiding behind the sofa, fearfully watching Mark getting chased by the other nekomimi.

"Seems nyor friend and Samantha are enjoying themselves-nya." A voice purred into her ear.

The poor girl flinched and spun around, facing Winter. "Wha-what are you talking about?" she stuttered.

Winter simply talked on: "And I think she's much happier nyow than she had been before, when she was still unpretty-nya. I think her nyame was Sean or so."

"T-that... that is Sean?" she asked unbelieving.

"Nya!" Winter purred and nodded.

Jenny shook her head, not wanting to believe the nekomimi. Tears were flowing down her cheeks. Suddenly she snapped around and screamed at Winter: "T-that's not true! You... you are lying!"

She wanted to jump at the nekomimi. Wanted to beat the truth out of her, if necessary, but when she did it, Winter stopped her easily. Using the energy of Jenny's jump, she spun the girl onto her back and locked her lips on Jenny's

"Mmph!" The girl tried to break loose, but it was too late already. Winter had infused her with the True Soul and now there was no turning back.

When Winter did let her go, Jenny scrambled backwards, fear written all over her face. "N-no... please... take it back..."

Just in that moment two things happened:

First she heard a cry from the other side of the room. When she turned around to see what had happened, she saw Mark staring at the nekomimi called Samantha. The cat girl was smiling at him, gently stroking his hair and whispering something jenny couldn't understand.

Second, she felt something fasten itself around her neck. When she reached for the intruder, she discovered that it was a yellow satin necklace, with a tiny bell attached to the front.

"No..." she breathed again and tugged at the necklace. "Take it back! Please, I'm begging you..." she slumped low and buried her face in her hands. "I don't want this..." she whispered, tears dripping out of her eyes.

"Nyaaa... don't cry little nyuman. Soon nyu will feel all better-nya." Winter tried to comfort her, pulling her closer and gently stroking her hair, much like Samantha did with Mark.

On the other side of the room, Mark was having the same problems as Jenny. Well maybe his were a little worse. A black necklace, of the same kid as Jenny's, had fastened itself around his neck.

But in contrast to Jenny, he was much too busy struggling for air, than to really notice it. He was facing the same problems as Sean had to during his conversion: The necklace was way too tight.

Luckily this was to change soon, as his neck thinned out and his Adam's apple vanished.

A slight gasp escaped Mark's lips, when the pressure was gone, though it sounded way higher than normal.

"What... what was that?" he panted.

"That was nyu." Samantha purred.

"No... that can't be... that gasp... it sounded like... like a girl, not like me..."

Samantha grinned. "I don't see anything wrong with that, my dear sister-nya."

"WHAT?!?" Mark screamed.

Jenny she was holding her tail in her hands, staring at it unbelieving. Her figure had changed a little, though not too much, since she had been a knockout already.

Jenny's face was just starting to change, her nose shrinking a little, while her eyes started to burn, forcing her to start blinking furiously.

Her formerly shoulder long, brown hair had grown a little and changed color to a bright red.

Mark suddenly felt a strange sensation in his groin. It was a little itchy at first, but soon grew very annoying.

Then, from one second to the other, it stopped. Mark had become Mara.

Samantha had left her victim and moved over to Jenny, gently ruffling her newly formed cat ears.

At first Jenny tried to resist the feelings that this simple action gave her, not wanting to give her old self up, but it didn't take Samantha long to lure a soft purr out of her friend. Especially with the mental changes kicking in.

Jenny's old clothes vanished, being replaced by a yellow tank top and tight, orange shorts.

"Nyow nyor as nyu should be." Samantha whispered into Jenny's ears.

"I knyow..." she whispered back.

Mara's body was going through the final changes: Her chest expanded into two small C-cups, her cat ears were slowly growing and parting her black hair. It had formed into two ponytails hanging from the sides of her face, both held in place by a dark purple satin ribbon.

Her clothes had changed to a bright pink blouse and a purple miniskirt.

Blushing she looked down at her body, at all of its new and unfamiliar curves...

Suddenly someone hugged her from behind. "Are nyu feeling better-nya?" Winter asked.

"I..." Mara began, with a sad and disoriented look on her face. A slight shiver ran through her entire body, forcing her to close her eyes for a moment.

Slowly her features softened, all stress and fear dissolving into nothing and leaving behind nothing but joy and happiness.

"Nya..." she breathed and cuddled closer to Winter. "I'm better nyow."

The four nekomimi spent the rest of the night in the small apartment, cuddling together to conserve warmth and resting for the next day. The day they would spread the gift of the True Soul to everybody in Seacliff.
A fanart of :iconunkown000000: story "Nyutopia" (Part 1: [link] ; Part 2: [link] )
It was such an amazing story, that I had to write something in relation to it^^
This story shows the Nekomimi invasion from the human side and pictures three friends and their encounter with Winter.
Note that this story might vary from the original one in a few points, though I tried to keep it as close as possible.

Pic is not mine and can be found here: [link]
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Could I ask for permissio-nya to continyu this story-nya?
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:iconahehplz: This particular type of nyekomimi has some specific characteristics, so let me knyow if nyu have any questions-nya. :heart: :iconazu-nyanplz:
GobboKilla Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Of course nyu can ^^
Just mention this one and :icongoodkittynyanchan:'s origin story (link in the description) in your description as well, please.
Deviantguy75 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
Awesome! ;)
legend293 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014
Hides from the nekos that are overtaking my town.
legend293 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
Hears two nekos and quickly grabs girlfriend into the room with me.
GobboKilla Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
???: I think I saw someone hiding over there-nya
???-2: Nyu think so? I thought all the nyumans are gone already...
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