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December 15, 2013
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Christmas Girlfriend – Third Advent

„I FINALLY FOUND IT!!!“ Steve yelled as he smashed the door to the room.

“Wha-wha-what…?” Brian muttered, groggily lying on the couch.

“THE SOLUTION FOR BOTH OUR PROBLEMS!!!” Steve shouted only an arm’s length away from his roommate.

Brian pressed his hands against his ears, trying to block out the noise. “C-calm down… god... my head hurts…”

“Take a look at this!” Steve said a little bit quieter, but not very much. At the same time he pushed his smartphone under Brian’s nose.

“J-just… just lemme take an aspirin first…” Brian muttered and got up from the couch. A minute later he returned again. “So… what did ya find?”

“Just read this!” Steve said and again pushed his smartphone under Brian’s nose.

Quickly Brian scanned over the ad his friend had opened. “Blablabla… tired of being male… blabla… try life from a different angle… blablabla…” He looked up at Steve who was smiling widely. “You’ve got to be kidding me! I ain’t doing that!”

Steve’s smile faded. “Aww, come on man. It’s the perfect solution for both out Christmas problems. Besides, it’s easily reversible for the first seven days. And you know I never stay that long at my parents.”

“No. I am not going to eat those pills!” Brian said, nearly shouting. “It’s just completely messed up! And who knows what the side effects might be!”

“But it’s safe! And-“ He got no further.

“No it was, no it is and no it will be!” Brian shouted angrily. “You’re just an idiot, Steve. There’s no way that this could ever work.” With those words he slammed the door to his room shut.


During the next days Steve tried again and again to convince his friend to try his idea.

But time and again Brian’s answer was no. He thought it was just a big scam to fool desperate people like his friend.

‘Pff, like it could be real at all…’ he thought, while driving home from class a few days later. With a grin on his lips he remembered what the ad read that Steve had showed him:


Thundertech Industries XX-Drops

Ever been tired of being male? Feeling like you aren’t supposed to be the way to are? Feeling more attracted to dresses and romance than to sports and hard action movies? Do you want to try life from a different angle?

Then here is your chance!

Thundertech Industries presents the XX-Drops. An easy and safe way to swap your gender and live your life from a woman’s point of view.


Brian shook his head while thinking about that ad. Steve had showed him an article on said drops, written by a well-known scientist, explaining the exact effects of the drops.

Something about how they transformed the Y-chromosomes of a person into X-chromosomes and other scientific gibberish he hadn’t completely understood. Steve didn’t understand everything either, but he had showed Brian one specific part of the article, mentioning that the effects were reversible for exactly seven days after the consumption of the drops. He would have to swallow some different drops that were sold together with the XX-Drops to return to normal.

In short, Steve wanted him to become his girlfriend for Christmas so he wouldn’t have to go home alone. Brian laughed when he thought about that. ‘Like I’ll do that.’

Still, in a dark corner of his subconscious he couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel like to be a girl…

A few minutes later he finally reached his flat. He unlocked the door and walked inside. Steve was already home and lying on the couch, watching some show on TV.

“No attempt to convert me today?” Brian mocked his friend.

“No… I gave up…” Steve grumbled. “It wasn’t really fair of me to be so pushy towards you. I apologize for the last few days. I was just desperate, because… well you know…”

“Sure, no problem buddy.” He grinned and handed Steve a beer from the fridge. “Just forget about it.” Steve nodded and together they emptied their cans.

That evening it didn’t stop after one can of beer. The two friends had both finished their last exams before Christmas and wanted to celebrate that. Naturally they celebrated by drinking lots and lots of beer with some of their college buddies and at about two o’clock in the morning they barely made it back into their apartment.


Some days later the two friends were playing some games on their console, when the doorbell rang. Steve put down his controller and walked to the door. He was greeted by a package delivery man who handed him a small device to sign on. Without actually knowing for what, Steve signed, received a tiny package, thanked the man and went back inside.

“Did you order something?” He called out.

“No man. I’m pretty much broke you know that.” Brian answered and joined his friend at the kitchen table.

“Then… why is this labeled on your name?” Steve asked.

“What? Show me.” Brian took the package. Really, it read his name on the label. “Strange… let’s open it.” He grabbed a knife and sliced through the duct tape. Inside the friends found two bottles. One of them labeled <Reversive Tonic> and the other labeled <XX-Drops>.

“What the fuck?” both of them exclaimed at the same time.

“You didn’t order those to convince me, did you?” Brian asked angrily.

“Of course not! I told you I gave up on that!”

“Then why are they here?”

“Like I know… hey, wait a second. Look at the date of the order.” He pointed at the label of the package. “It was ordered a few days ago during our celebration. That means either you or me ordered those while being drunk. Remember how we joked about actually using this stuff?”

Brian nodded. “True… that would explain everything.” He shrugged. “Oh well. I’ll throw them into the trash later. Let’s finish the game first.”

Steve nodded. “Yeah.”

For the time being the two friends went back to playing, but soon Steve noticed Brian wasn’t really paying attention. He had killed him multiple times already simply because he didn’t watch out and walked right into his attacks. After a few minutes Steve had had enough. “Brian, for fucks sake. It’s like I’m playing against my little cousin. No, in fact it’s even worse. You play like shit at the moment. What’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry…” Brian sighed and put his controller down. “Honestly, I just can’t get those drops out of my head.”


“It sounds weird I know, especially considering the last few days, but…”

Steve grinned. “You want to try them?”

“NO!” Brian shouted a little bit too eagerly. “I think it’s best if I throw them outside right away.” He got up and grabbed the package with the chemicals. “You win for today Steve, I don’t feel like playing any longer.”

“O…kay… sure…” Steve answered and shut down the console. While storing away the controllers, he suddenly heard a loud crash from the kitchen. “Brian? What the hell was that?”

No answer.

“Brian? Are you alright?” Steve dropped the controllers and went to the kitchen. When he entered, he saw his friend lying in a corner, holding his head. Next to him was the opened bottle of XX-Drops.

“I… I’m fine… just couldn’t help but try…” Brian whispered slightly breathless. A shiver ran through his body and he barely turned to the side, before his breakfast spilled on the floor. “God… that hurts…” He looked up at Steve a slight grin on his face. “Guess you will have a date for Christmas.” Then he threw up again.
Well, here goes part 3~
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